Employee Manual Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Employee manual software takes much of the legwork out of designing a corporate handbook from scratch. Really, there's no good reason to build a company guide from the ground floor when the basics are already taken care of and, oftentimes, free to borrow. While software suites that serve this purpose may be readily found on your local computer store's shelves, you can often download free applications off the Web and save yourself a few bucks.

What exactly do you get with an employee manual software package? The more extensive programs out there do it all, from layout and copy to formatting and binding. Less exhaustive programs can give you a general framework in which to operate. a context in which you simply create the content. For more seasoned executives who are already well versed in corporate jargon, this is often the ideal setup, for there's no hand-holding involved.

Beginners' Software

If you're new to the ranks of employee literature, a turnkey program that walks you through the creative process is a wise decision. You can expect to pay more for an all-in-one solution, but the time-saving benefits easily justify the added cost. Programs such as these organize your manual for you by presenting the broadest categories as well as suggestions on wording. They may even present you with a sliding scale of formality and let you choose the level that's most appropriate for your outfit.

Once you've laid out your manual and composed your text, your software will help you edit and refine your message. If you're more of an administrator than a writer, this is an invaluable extra. Remember that your employee manual says a great deal about your professionalism; an error-riddled guide is hardly a testament to your corporation's high standards of excellence.

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