Employee Performance Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee performance software can be used for self-evaluations, supervisor evaluations, 360 evals, or employee testing. All of these can be critical factors in making HR decisions, and it's great to have a way of getting all the information together as quickly and neatly as possible. A comprehensive HRIS package will include software for any or all of these special areas of employee performance assessment that you require.

Administer Employment Evaluations Online

For example, software is almost always the best way to go when asking employees to perform self-evaluations. You may ask them to supplement an evaluation form with a personal statement, letter, or meeting with a supervisor--but a lot of the basics can be made uniform and accessible online for employees. You can develop a questionnaire or survey or use one of the templates that comes with many HRIS software programs. A high-end program can even be set to notify employees when it is time to fill out the evaluation and send it directly to you when it is completed, saving you administration time and keeping everyone on schedule.

The more complex your employee performance evaluation procedure, the more important it becomes to get it online. 360 degree evaluations are becoming standard in many successful companies, but they would waste a lot of time if they all had to be done by hand and collected by a supervisor and flipped through one at a time. Getting them online makes it more cost-efficient and time-efficient to administer these comprehensive performance assessments.

It is also critical in many businesses to administer tests during the hiring process or during training. Getting those tests online saves a lot of HR management time, and also protects you from liability. Handwritten and hand-scored tests open a can of worms if anyone wants to claim discrimination or wrongful hiring. A skill test administered online and graded by the software program gives legally unassailable results, with the added benefit of giving them more quickly than any other method.

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