Employee Retention Surveys

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The primary reason why employers conduct employee retention surveys is to pinpoint the reasons why they're having trouble keeping vital personnel. Often, highly trained or skilled employees are "poached" by other organizations. This can leave a company high and dry if those people are crucial to the success of their business. The very fact that they've been poached indicates that there is a shortage of such personnel to start with, so it won't be easy to replace these key workers.

Benefits of Employee Retention Surveys

It has been established through employee retention surveys that businesses actually do much better if they can manage to keep their workers for the long term. Stability and security is a result of long term employement arrangements for both employers and employees, and this leads to better business conditions for everyone. It's a fact that if a company constantly has to devote crucial resources to finding and recruiting key personnel they're not devoting that energy to growing the business.

Some of the problems that turn up from employee retention surveys are inadequate compensation plans, including long and short term incentives. Another problem can be unsatisfactory management or supervisors. If you have a lot of problems keeping people, take a look at your supervising staff at whatever level the problem is occurring as they may be creating an unpleasant atmosphere or trying to have everything too much their own way.

A great many employee retention surveys have an important message to impart to the business community. Just reading through such surveys that have been conducted for other companies can help you decide where to look to pinpoint problems in your own company. Often, drawing conclusions from these surveys and acting on them can make a world of difference to the problem of dissatisfied workers.

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