Employee Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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There are a number of reasons why a company may choose to employ a time clock device. First and foremost, time clocks are a very effective means for keeping track of individual employee hours. They can also ultimately be an enormous help to whoever is in charge of payroll.

In their earliest instances, time clocks were simply clocks that had a stamping device on them. These early mechanical versions did what they were supposed to do without much flair or fuss. The downside was that many of them were inaccurate at best, and some were frustratingly prone to jamming and malfunctioning.

There have been a number of great advancements in the time clock industry, and the time clocks that many companies use today bear little resemblance to the time clocks of old. Though is certainly still a place for the mechanized type of time clock, for larger companies and more elaborate payroll systems, the more modern type of time clock offers a few distinct advantages.

Electronic Time Clocks Are an Advancement

Compared to the mechanical time clocks, electronic time clocks are quite an advancement on the form. They offer digital precision, and oftentimes they also display and stamp the month as well as the date. The better electronic time clocks also have a good lithium battery backup system that provides assurance in the event of a power outage.

As we move up the time clock scale, we come next to computerized time clocks. Computerized time clocks offer a plethora of features, and represent a fairly important advancement from the electronic time clocks. One of the best features of computerized time clocks is that many of them actually calculate employee hours for you. This added feature can greatly cut down on the amount of work needed to properly do payroll.

PC Based Time Clocks Lead the Pack

At the absolute pinnacle of time clock technology is the PC based time clock. PC based time clocks offer an enormous range of features and utilize the power of your PC to fully integrate your payroll system with the time clock. Some of these systems are fairly sophisticated and include such features as fingerprint analysis technology to help prevent employees punching their friend's time cards.

It's hard to imagine that time clocks could ever be so confusing. Luckily, there are some great time clock retailers out there that can help you and your company choose a system that suits your particular needs. When dealing with a time clock retailer, don't be afraid to ask about pricing versus performance options. A reputable company won't hesitate to be up front and frank with you about why a particular system is suited to your needs.

There are a number of things you will have to consider before investing in a particular style of time clock. For instance, the number of employees that you have can be a huge determining factor when it comes to choosing a time clock system. If you are a family run company with 10 to 20 employees, then there is probably no real reason why you would need a biometric computerized time clock. On the other hand, if you are a similar-sized company, but security is a real issue, then that same system might fit your needs perfectly.

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