Employee Training

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee training is a critical stage in making sure that your employees are going to be able to deliver the performances that you want. You don't want to cheat them in terms of time and attention during training, but neither do you want to waste the time of employees who have other important responsibilities. Automating as much of the training and testing process as possible is the ideal, so you want to find the software best able to get you on that track.

Employee Training Online

First of all, a lot of training materials can be viewed online as documents, websites, or videos. With the right software package, you can create a training manual with links to the websites and videos that employees need to view. You then set up training modules on-site, and employees can sit down at the computer and follow a clear tutorial through these materials. You can even set it up so that they can log on and train from home--which may also save you money.

In some industries, you know that employees will watch or read training materials closely. For example, it's unlikely someone is going to try to assemble hazardous materials without taking the instructions seriously--if only to preserve his own safety. If you are in an industry such as food service, however, employees may not be as interested in the training materials they are required to watch. For that reason, you may want software that can keep track of where and when employees read your manual or watch training videos.

When training is completed, you probably want to administer a test of some sort. This can protect you from wrongful hiring suits, and also helps you identify any problem areas an employee has or is likely to have. Software can analyze specific areas of weakness or find the commonalities between questions that an employee had trouble with, so that you can target further training more effectively.

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