Evaluation Program Training

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Though different consulting firms have different methods and requirements, most require that their consultants routinely spend time with evaluation program training. The role of a program evaluation consultant for a client business is a role that demands both responsibility and awareness of current information on evaluation methods and techniques. As such, the evaluation program training for many consultants is an ongoing process of synthesizing old business techniques with new research and information.

Academia's Role in Evaluation Program Training

Some consulting firms that specialize in evaluation are directly connected to research bodies. EMPA, a consulting firm that is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has strong ties with the University of Michigan and is able to work in cooperation with the university to research organizational communication and evaluation survey design. The constant exchange of information between EMPA and the university helps insure that EMPA employees receive effective and current evaluation program training.

The staff of many such consulting firms is trained to design and administer assessment surveys that can ultimately point to links between individual business contributors (programs or staff) and corporate profitability. In most cases, the types of assessments that are offered by the consulting firm include employee performance assessments, employee surveys, and corporate program assessments. All studies are backed by data that proves the reliability and validity of each type of study.

Training Can Reinforce Reliable Evaluation Techniques

Along with business utility, reliability and validity are some of the most important concerns of consultants during evaluation programs. The consultants are often trained in scientifically proven methods of analyzing data (often multivariate statistical analysis) to provide the most reliable and accurate results possible. Along with the finished report, the consultants are trained to provide evidence that the report is reliable and provable.

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