Executive Compensation Studies

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Some companies are compelled to carry out executive compensation studies in an effort to attract the kind of high caliber executives that are a necessary part of the workforce of any successful business. Rather than conducting your own research into the matter, you can probably benefit from the findings of carefully selected executive compensation studies for companies of a similar type and size to your own.

Existing Executive Compensation Studies

Some of the larger executive compensation studies, presented in the form of an online database, are made available by certain companies for the benefit of their clients. These databases can be a source of some very valuable data for businesses looking to raise standards and make sure they pay competitive salaries.

The type of issues that may be looked at in executive compensation studies would include salary, bonus arrangements, long term compensation plans, share options, top hat plans and more. Also studied may be enhanced life insurance benefits, board retainers and other various types of board compensation plans. You can get a good idea of what you should be looking at by taking a good look at several different compensation studies for executives.

If you would prefer to conduct your own executive compensation study, you will find that many management consulting firms would be happy to do the hard work for you, including drawing up the issues that should be included in the study. Some consulting firms will also be able to give you ideas for attracting the right caliber of executives for your business along with ideas for raising their effectiveness. Consulting with an expert on these matters can yield very profitable results for smaller operations having difficulty raising performance levels.

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