Human Resources Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Human resources software can allow companies to perform a variety of tasks relevant to their employees. Beyond the basics of payroll, attendance management, and benefits administration, human resources software can also be used to keep records of your employees. These files can be useful during an evaluation and may also be necessary if you ever needed to take disciplinary action against an employee.

Features of Human Resources Software

If your company maintains an employee handbook in which the rules and consequences are explicitly stated, you many want to post the handbook online so that employees can easily access it should they have any questions. Some human resources software packages allow you to upload your handbook to a designated area. If your software does not, you should be sure that each and every employee has access to the handbook so that none of them can claim ignorance of important rules or procedures.

Other features of human resources software allow you to keep a close eye on your employees. For example, if your company does not allow the computers to be used for personal matters, you may want to scan emails being sent and received. You may also want to capture images from employee's monitors or a POS monitor so that you can review them in the event that the caliber of an employee's work begins to slip.

If there are several levels of management within your company or employees are often being rotated to new supervisors, it is critical that you maintain thorough performance records. Some supervisors may never receive important feedback, either positive or negative, that has been left by other managers. Many HR software packages simplify this process by allowing you to maintain personnel records online where they can be accessed by supervisors and used for evaluative purposes.

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