Job Evaluation

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Although the term "job evaluation" is often unwelcome and even dreaded by many employees, evaluating work roles is a necessary part of business organization and development. In an efficient business, all workers will be evaluated by a supervisor at some point in their working life. If it doesn't ever happen, either that employee is changing jobs too often, or he is working for a very shoddy company.

Conducting Job Evaluations

Overcoming objections on the part of workers when conducting job evaluations is not difficult, however. It is necessary to make it clear that your evaluations are geared towards making the company more efficient and stable so that profits can be increased. Make sure that everyone realizes that this should result in more rewards for all.

Job evaluations may involve examining an individual's role in the company. It may also examine each operative's pay schedule and how well this compensation reflects each individual's contribution to the overall company success. As a result of such evaluations it may become necessary to increase the value of some positions while decreasing the value of others.

As a result of extensive job evaluations you may find that quite a lot changes are necessary in your business. It is inevitable that you'll have some individuals who are not happy with the resulting change. Remember that the overall success of your company is a much more important issue than that of the employment of one or two operatives, and that other people depend on your company's success for their livelihood too.

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