Lathem Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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When it comes to choosing among the various types and brands of time clocks that are available, it can be difficult to narrow down and ultimately make a final decision. There are a number of great time clock manufacturers that each have several viable models that they produce. Trying to make an educated choice can be an overwhelming task.

Lathem is one of the better known time clock manufacturers, and there's good reason for this. They make excellent time clocks that are designed to perform year after year after year. They have a few models that are particularly outstanding. These might want to be where you start your comparisons.

The Lathem 2105 is a great little time clock. This is a classic style time clock that has a manual stamp mechanism. This means that when you insert the time card, there is a lever that you pull in order to initiate the stamping mechanism. This model has an automatic ribbon advancement mechanism that insures that you are always using a fresh stretch of ribbon. It also has the ability to print on any style time card.

Advance to the Lathem 4200

For a little bit more of an "automatic" experience in time card punching, you might want to check out the Lathem 4200. It is similar to the 2105, but has the added feature of an automatic stamping mechanism. With this model, you simply insert the time card and the time is automatically stamped onto the card. The 4200 is also able to stamp any style of time card and weighs in at 18 pounds.

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