Manager Self-service

Written by Serena Berger
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Manager self-service tools are intended to empower managers in completing tasks that are required of them as managers. These programs are frequently web-based so that managers can easily access them from their computers. In contrast to ESS applications--which managers may also use since they are employees of the company, too--manager self-service tools are focused on the manager's supervisory role.

Common Tools in Manger Self-Service Packages

One of the most useful tools in MSS packages is used for recruiting purposes. The intent here, as with most other applications, is to manage the workflow process and make it more efficient. For example, rather than having an assistant schedule all interviews that are to take place during the week and leave messages for the manger, the manager can simply look online and call up any information that is necessary for the interviews.

More advanced recruiting packages can assist managers with more complicated tasks. They can automate the process of writing and posting job listings on the company's website so that prospective employees can easily search for positions. Also, some packages can assist in sorting through applications, allowing the hiring manager to focus more intently on the most qualified candidates.

Tools for compensation management are also common in MSS packages. These applications can provide historical salary information for a particular employee, as well as salary averages inside the company and from other employers. An important feature in MSS systems allows managers to take into account their operating budget. Some packages may allow managers to run "what-if" scenarios so that they can allocate compensation to all employees and see what the resulting budget would be like. Integrated with performance evaluation tools, this can help you to reward your best employees when you have the resources available to do so.

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