Mechanical Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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With regard to time clocks and other attendance recording devices, mechanical time clocks are the progenitors of the much more advanced systems that you can find on the market today. What is interesting about this is that many businesses large and small still make use of classic mechanical time clocks. There's a good reason for this, namely because they do what they're supposed to.

For some companies, it obviously makes sense to invest in a more sophisticated style of time clock e.g., a computerized or PC based time clock system. Many companies, however, just need a reliable device that will accurately help keep track of employee hours. Mechanical style time clocks have one function, and it is to accurately stamp the time, and possibly the date onto a time card.

One of the great mechanical time clock manufacturers is Acroprint. They have a great model called the 125RR4. This mechanical style time clock has an analog style clock, and prints the month and date in addition to the time. It can be mounted on a desk or even onto a sturdy wall. It is rust- and corrosion-proof and features a jam-proof typewheel system.

Lathem's Mechanical Classic

Lathem is another great manufacturer of mechanical style time clocks. Their 2106 model is a great example of why their time clocks continue to appeal to a variety of businesses. The 2106 is housed in a sturdy shell, and also stamps the month and date in addition to the time. It has a manual stamping mechanism, and comes with a one year guarantee against any defects in workmanship.

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