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The Most Important Step To Avoid Company Theft

Written by otttojackson
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Companies all over the country have already been losing millions under their noses which has nothing to do with the present recession

that’s happening all over the economy of the US. These losses are actually very typical and had been going on for decades already, sometimes without the management’s knowledge. It’s probably hard to digest that digging into this company theft issues; you’ll realize that the very suspects to the digressing activities happening in the business are its employees. The very people whom you expected to be loyal and honest in their jobs are never free from the temptation of going astray. Especially if every day in their jobs they get to see the different stuffs that can easily be stolen from the company.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business, or you’re running a large company. Every business can easily be a victim of theft through employees in so many ways. Examples of these includes: Falsified receipts especially those that are not computer generated; Bookkeeping deception where auditing had been hoaxed from inventories, cash sales and expenses; and the simplest of it all, Merchandise and Cash theft which happens when the personnel thinks no one’s looking, so to speak. All of the mentioned ways are quite simple yet not every management has the power to literally have their eyes on their employees all the time. Options such as adding high end surveillance camera on workplaces, and all these technology based tools are alright as an addition to the company’s security from its people. However, the best means of precaution all comes down to the very beginning of it all: Employment.

To guarantee yourself and your company security, it’s best that you surround yourself with people worthy of your trust. To do that, the management should prioritize screening their soon to be employees before hiring them. Doing an employment background check would help greatly for this cause. Being able to gather significant data regarding a prospect helps not only in knowing the person but building up his or her character as well. The thought of having background checks should not always sound so investigative or "nosey". These days background checks are already considered a requirement wherever you go. With the FCRA behind the process, both parties are assured of security regarding the data being shared, so there’s no need to fuzz so much about the issue or request. For the good of the company, necessary steps should be made and among that is making sure that you have the right people to get the job done.

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