Organizational Development

Written by Serena Berger
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Organizational development recognizes your employees not only as human resources, but primarily as people who have the ability to affect your organization. As opposed to looking at employees as capital, the manager can see that the organization's culture directly affects its performance. Companies that focus on organizational development recognize that the most effective way to ensure long-term growth and maintain a high level of performance is to make employees feel as though they are valuable members of the organization.

Central to the organizational development of a company is clearly formulating the organizational culture. This can be as simple as outlining a mission statement which the company and all of its employees shall strive to follow. If your employees are aware of the foundation on which your company was structured or the direction in which the management team would like to take it, they can then see how their work contributes to the company's growth and success.

Using Reviews for Organizational Development

Another critical aspect of a company's development is the company's use of evaluations. It is often the case that reviews are only conducted to reward an employee or to inform him that he is not performing at a sufficient level. These reviews do not provide guidance or direction to employees if they are performing at an adequate level.

A better use of reviews would be to institute a more complete system under which employees contributed to the review process. Eliciting feedback from peers, management and the employee can provide both the company and the employee with a complete picture of how the employee is performing. Also, you can use the opportunities to make sure that the employee sees her part in the organization and does not feel as though her work is detached from the company's goals.

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