Pc Based Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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It seems sometimes like everything these days is computerized, and for better or worse, time clocks are no exception. If you are an employer, or you are in charge of payroll for a corporation, you may want to look into the burgeoning new world of PC based time clocks. These devices can save you not only a lot of time, but they can also save you money.

PC based time clocks can either be a combination of an electronic device and PC software, or they can be entirely computer based. The former type of time clock usually features a small electronic "time clock" that hooks up to your PC and interacts with pre-installed software to generate a time sheet and to perform any number of other functions. This type still allows employees to have more of a physical "clocking in" experience.

Many of these PC based time clocks have a barcode reader built into the physical "time clock" portion of the system. This is a great option for mid to large sized businesses that have a number of employees. The employees can simply be issued an encoded "pass" or "key card" and in order to clock in, they simply swipe their card.

Some Time Clocks Are Completely "Virtual"

You can find some great time clock software that essentially makes your computer the time clock. Employees don't have to use a keep track of a card or a key. Instead, they can simply log onto the time clock software and clock in through the program using easy-to-follow instructions. Whichever style of PC based time clock that you choose, you will immediately appreciate the payroll features that these types of time clocks feature.

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