Performance Management Projects

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Performance management projects can cover a wide spectrum of applications across the business landscape. Corporations can utilize a performance management project to measure any part of its organization. Projects can be used to forecast budgets and earnings. Expected financial results can be modeled through a performance management project.

The basis of performance management is results. This is what is so great about performance management systems. They will show the results of each employee, department, or whatever is being measured. This focus on results is what differentiates performance management from other appraisal techniques. Instead of focusing on the attendance, punctuality or attitude of an employee, it focuses on the results of the employee's performance.

Many Uses for Performance Management

The results based focus of performance management allows organizations high flexibility in using a system. It would be hard to use a non-results based system to gauge the performance of an advertising campaign. Before and after sales of an advertised product can easily be compared with a performance management system. The results can be utilized to modify a failed campaign or adapt a successful campaign to other products.

Information technology professionals can utilize the results from a network performance management system. They can adjust network capabilities based on projected traffic flow. The forecasts are derived from results of previous performance monitoring. This allows information techs to manipulate the network's resources to ensure the system works correctly. When it comes to performance management projects, the sky is the limit.

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