Policy Templates

Written by Katherine Harwood
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The kind of policy templates your organization will require depends to a large extent on your business. All company policy and procedures must be compliant with state and national guidelines. Indeed, this is one of the great advantages of working with policy templates, as no company research need be carried out in this regard. It is assumed that a company providing templates will have adequately taken care of these legal considerations. However, to have your policy guidelines examined by your company's legal representative once you have completed them should be a matter of course.

Policy and Procedure Guidelines

There are certain categories that apply to just about any policy guidelines, though. Everyone needs several categories relating to employee policy, for example. Records of employment status and conduct of every employee is pretty standard. Other categories dealing with time keeping, work conditions, and payroll will probably also be required.

Company guidelines are often in two parts: company policy as well as procedural guidelines. The policy drawn up for use by any company or organization is mainly for use by management. Policy guidelines help your organization's administrators keep on course and make fresh decisions when the need arises.

Procedural guidelines are more for the benefit of employees. Procedural guidelines provide them with a set of standards to work by, and will help them make the right decisions in any given set of circumstances. Procedural guidelines make sure that the operational part of any company or organization proceeds as planned under unforeseen circumstances.

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