Procedure Manuals

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The establishment of adequate procedural manuals can make the administration of absolutely any organization easy and straightforward. The absence of such manuals can mean total anarchy, and at the very least, will be to the detriment of those trying to run the organization. Although there are a few mavericks who regard written policy as the root of all organizational evils, there is a general consensus that the better your organizational policy, the better your chances of success.

Arriving at good organizational procedure is, however, often notoriously difficult. Any organization that is trying to lay down policy from scratch, or that has identified an urgent need for improvement in this regard, will have a couple of options to choose from. Either they can task existing personnel to spend some time drawing up a procedural manual, or they can pay for a professional to come and observe their organization and then draw up a manual. The first solution is often unsuccessful. The second can be prohibitively expensive.

Organizational Solutions

Another solution is to opt for one of the excellent software packages that can do all this automatically. This solution is, of course, far less expensive and time consuming than the other two options, and is therefore the most popular choice. Increasingly, organizations are seeing how a good software package can end their organizational woes.

Many organizations are discovering that a good software package can solve their problems with adequate procedure manuals practically overnight. A quality product will include templates where company information can be slotted in, and any procedure manual established to date can be incorporated into the new software. This is an ideal situation.

Some software products do not allow for the inclusion of existing manuals and this can lead to, at best, lengthy data entry procedures. At worst, it may mean that you lose out on existing valuable organizational information. Whichever format your manual is in now, it can always be rendered into a Microsoft Word file. Making sure that your proposed software package can incorporate data from a Word file will ensure that you can use any existing documents containing useful company policy information.

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