Recruiting Software

Written by Serena Berger
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When a position is open in your company, you typically want to fill it as soon as possible. The first step is getting the word out to job seekers so that they are aware of your opening and can apply if they are interested. To do so, you might hire headhunters in addition to posting the job opening in newspapers or on job search websites.

Once you have resumes coming into your inbox or being mailed in to your company, you must begin the process of organizing everything. This is where recruiting software can help you sort through the mountain of paperwork. You can use software to create electronic files for each applicant. This can be especially helpful if letters of reference are accompanying resumes--those are likely to arrive at a different time and must be coordinated with the other application materials of the candidate in question.

When the resumes have been converted to applicant files, you can use the recruiting software to narrow down your search to the best applicants. You can quickly enter any strict requirements that you have for applicants and then focus only on those who meet your requirements. Recruiting software also allows you to compare the vacant position to an applicant's skills and experience, providing you with a measure of how well they will fit based on the description that you have provided.

Advantages of Using Recruiting Software

One advantage of using recruiting software over dealing with the applicant resumes directly is that you can easily maintain a complete record of everyone who has applied to your company. When you are reading paper resumes, someone may be inclined to reject an applicant immediately because that person is missing one particular skill. When you have another opening, however, you might find that he or she now exceeds your requirements. You may want to pay particular attention to that applicant based on his having repeatedly expressed interest in your company. Had you not kept all resumes on file and reviewed resumes for the old position when the new position was available, you would not have been able to detect this.

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