Talent Acquisition

Written by Serena Berger
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Talent acquisition is a much more comprehensive process than simply hiring an individual to fill a vacant job. It is the first part of an overall strategy designed by the company to help employees reach their full potential and make the greatest possible contribution to the company. Part of what sets talent acquisition apart from traditional hiring is the timetable for implementation as well as the parties involved.

You could wait until there was a vacancy in your company before you started looking for a new employee. This might occur because someone was being promoted or unexpectedly left. If you are fortunate enough to have someone inside your company who can move into the new position, the problem is not as dire as it may be in the situation in which you have to scramble to find someone.

Talent Acquisition Practices in Your Industry

One thing that you have to consider is your competition's talent acquisition process. If they are always seeking the best possible employees and offering them incentives, they may very well attract some of your top performers. You may want to adopt a similar strategy of networking with potential candidates even when you do not have openings. You could encourage your current employees to do the same, perhaps by offering incentives, so that you have an initial list of candidates with whom you have already had initial contact when a position does open up.

When you desperately need to fill a position, you may not have the opportunity to find the best candidate. If, however, you have already identified prospects who have not been actively looking for a new job, you may be able entice them to switch based on salary, a promotion, or other incentives. Your talent acquisition process is only the first step in developing a strategy for growth. You will also have to develop and retain your talent so that they are not lured to other companies.

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