Time And Attendance Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Tracking employee attendance is an essential administrative function in any company. Of course, the larger the company, the more time and effort it can take. Not only does a database need to be compiled about attendance, but you need to have accurate and reliable records should you ever face a case in which you need to terminate someone's employment or put him on probation because of attendance issues.

Automating the clock-in and clock-out functionality of your procedure is the best way to track attendance. Employees will be given a card to swipe or a code to enter on a computer, which they can only access on-site. When they arrive, they swipe the card or enter their PIN, and when they depart, they do the same.

Preventing Fraud with Time and Attendance Software

More sophisticated functionality will notify the employees immediately if their clock-in or clock-out falls outside of what you consider to be an acceptable timeframe. For example, one of the most common forms of fraud is for employees to clock in early on automated systems. They assume they will be paid for those additional hours without a human being ever making note of them, but during that time they just talk with coworkers or do their personal business.

The ideal automated attendance tracking software will either not permit early clock-ins or will notify you as the manager when early clock-ins occur. Similarly, the program can be used to prohibit unscheduled overtime so that you don't end up with a budget crisis due to unanticipated payroll. You can even connect your employee work schedule directly to your payroll processing software so that any additional hours that your employees work can only be paid if you take express action to do so.

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