Time Cards

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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With the advent of the time clock also came the concurrent advent of the time card. These thick paper or cardboard "cards" are the device of choice for mechanical and electronic time clocks. They are lightweight, stand up to the abuse of a mechanized stamping system, and they provide an easy to read system for payroll.

If your company makes use of a time clock system, then barring any difficulties with your time clock itself, the only real items that you will have to restock will be ink ribbons and time cards. Depending on your time clock, you may be obligated to use a time card that is specifically designed for your system. Some systems, however, allow you to make use of a more generalized type of time card.

One of the main distinctions in time cards is in the style of loading that they use. There are by and large two types of general time cards: front loading and top loading. The names are fairly descriptive, and you should be able to correctly determine what type of system you have just by looking at it. If you have any questions, the retailer where you purchase your time cards should be able to walk you through the loading determination process.

There Are Computerized Time Cards

For those of you who utilize a computerized type of time clock system, you will generally make use of a computerized time card. These time cards are much more apt to be time clock specific. You will more than likely have to know the make and model of your computerized time clock system in order to order your time cards.

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