Time Clock Motors And Parts

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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If you happen to have a "classic" style time clock, then you might find yourself in need of replacement parts. After all, these older style time clocks are simply mechanical devices. Mechanical devices are all subject to wear and tear. The good news is that at least with the nicer time clocks, you can replace the motor or other worn parts and save yourself a lot of money.

Some of the time clock replacement motors that are most popular are from such brands as Amano. Many Amano time clocks use what is called a Stromberg left hand motor. These are readily available for replacement and should not be overly expensive. They are certainly a good deal cheaper than buying a replacement time clock system.

Another one of the major clock manufacturers is the Lathem company. Their time clocks employ a fairly "one-size-fits-all" approach. This simply means that most of their various time clock styles use one general type of motor. This makes it extremely simple to buy a replacement motor. Their standard motor is called the Lathem motor and it weighs in a just under a pound.

It Can Be as Simple as Simplex

When it comes to the time clock industry, the Simplex company is considered by some to be the great grandfather of time clocks. This company has been around since 1894, and they have been producing quality products ever since. They have a wide variety of time clocks, and consequently, they also have a wide variety of time clock replacement motors. If you have a Simplex, a good time clock retailer will be able to help you determine the model that you are using and assist you in finding a suitable replacement motor.

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