Time Clock Ribbons

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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When you or your company purchases a time clock, you are usually entering into a fairly long-term relationship. Time clocks are essentially the stalwarts of the working world. They are designed to last a long time, and they are built with the knowledge that they will be utilized several times a day, every day.

There are a couple of basic items that you will want to keep on hand if you or your company uses a time clock system. First of all, you will obviously want to keep a good supply of time cards. Without time cards, a time clock really doesn't have much use. Second, you will want to keep at least a couple spare ribbon cartridges on hand.

Ribbon cartridges are going to be a make and model specific item. That means that you cannot simply go to a time clock retailer and ask for a generic ribbon cartridge. You will have to know the make and model of your specific time clock. This information shouldn't be difficult to determine, and if you have any difficulties, a quality retailer will be able to help you.

Replacing Ribbon Cartridges

Depending on your time clock system, replacing your ribbon cartridge shouldn't be a difficult affair. Most models have fairly easy to access ribbon cartridges, and replacement is simply a matter of pulling the old cartridge out and popping a new one in. It's important to remember that if the cartridge doesn't seem to want to go in, you shouldn't force it too much. These cartridges are made of plastic and accidentally cracking one open can prove to be quite a mess.

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