Web Based Time And Attendance

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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As the workplace has adjusted to the age of the Internet, so too have time clocks and time attendance systems. While there are certainly a number of instances where a standard time clock is not only a wise decision, but in fact, the best decision, some workplaces demand something a little more sophisticated. There are some great time attendance systems that can be integrated into a computer network, and some even have web capabilities.

The Novatime 3000 SQL Enterprise is an example of a great time attendance system for the modern age. It can be integrated into a computer network, and it works for companies of just about any size. It has functions that are accessible through the Web, and that are divided between administrator, supervisor, and employee access levels.

The Novatime 3000 SQL has a plethora of different features that make it the ultimate tool for those who are in charge of payroll. It has an accruals module that allows you to keep track of differentiated hours such as sick pay, vacation leave, etc. It also has the ability to work with fixed and floating employee schedules.

Convenience Included

Another one of the great features of the Novatime 3000 SQL is that it allows seamless interface with some of the more popular payroll software packages. You can coordinate the Novatime with ADP, Paychex, and Quickbooks Pro. The 3000 SQL also features a history and an archive module, as well as a report generator that features export capabilities.

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