Widmer Time Stamps

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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Time stamps represent the most basic of the time clock systems. They are literally devices that have a stamp that bears the current time. Many of them don't even have a clock face on them because it's simply not necessary. People use time stamps for a number of reasons, including stamping official documents and recording work times.

Widmer is a premier manufacturer of time stamps and they have a few nice models to choose from. The Widmer TLED-3 is a great place to start any discussion of the Widmer time stamp line-up. The TLED-3 has a digital clock face that can be synchronized with the stamping mechanism. It also has the ability to print military time, and it has a unique reverse printing feature.

The Widmer T-3 is another product that has developed some loyal users. This is a slightly less expensive model, and this is due primarily to the fact that it doesn't feature the digital clock face. Apart from that difference however, many of the features of the T-3 are identical to those of the TLED-3. It has the ability to stamp in military time, and it features a quick trigger stamping mechanism.

Keep a Stock of Widmer Ribbons

Whether you choose to employ the T-3 or the TLED-3, you will want to be sure to stock a couple of Widmer ribbons. These are good have on hand, and they can assure that you don't have a "lag" time when you're unable to stamp. The Widmer ribbons are easy to replace and don't require any special tools to do so.

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