Apple Inkjet Cartridges

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Apple inkjet cartridges belong to the same class as Epson, Canon, and Brother inkjet cartridges. All have the printhead in the printer, whereas Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Lexmark have a built-in printhead within the ink cartridge. What this means in practical terms for those interested in discount printer ink cartridges is that you can get generic or compatible replacements for Apple.

These generics are made to Apple specifications, but are available to consumers at a great price reduction because they are not paying for the Apple name. Generics are not remanufactured, but are made by third-party manufacturers who adhere to the ISO standards of the Apple brand. In this case, Apple inkjet cartridges consist only of a tank reservoir and have no complicated or moving parts to consider in refilling.

Apple Inkjet Cartridges and OEM Standards

Apple, of course, sets its own standards for its products, and companies that provide compatible cartridges also use these original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications to produce their "Apple" cartridges. The only difference is price. Guaranteed to perform as well as, or better than, Apple inkjet cartridges, these third-party generics offer excellent printing at a relatively cheap cost.

When you compare the cost of a printer with the cost of replacement brand-name cartridges, you see the disparity in outlay of money. Competition among brand names to sell such peripherals as printers is fierce, so the more obvious purchase price of these machines is kept low. A smart consumer will also check the cost of replacement ink cartridges, because that is a less obvious expense, but a greater one proportionately. Generics can reduce this expense to reasonable levels.

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