Brother Inkjet Cartridges

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Brother inkjet cartridges are available as generic, or compatible, cartridges that simply consist of an ink tank, a plastic container filled with ink. For this reason, these inkjet printer cartridges are cheaper than the brand-name Brother inkjet cartridges, and are easy to refill with kits. It does take some practice to get the hang of refilling, but it is a simple process that really only requires a steady hand.

Brother, along with most printer companies, separates the printhead from the cartridge, which means no damage can be done to the printhead during refilling of the ink reservoir. A printer cartridge refill kit comes with easy instructions, but they must be followed carefully to ensure a neat refill. The instructions differ somewhat for black and color cartridges.

Instructions for Brother Inkjet Cartridges

The first of seven steps for using a refill kit for black cartridges tells you to remove the empty cartridge from the printer. Be sure to have paper handy to lay the cartridge on. Step two involves using a tool that comes with the kit to drill into the air vent plug using a clockwise rotation.

In step three, you attach the syringe that comes with the kit to the refill bottle. Next, insert the needle into the refill hole. It is very important to hold the print cartridge upright. Push the tip far enough to penetrate the sponge inside the cartridge. In step five, refill the cartridge by slowly and smoothly squeezing and releasing the bottle. Replace the air vent plug and then install the cartridge in your printer. These instructions apply to all brands that use ink tanks, including Brother inkjet cartridges.

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