Epson Inkjet Cartridge

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An Epson inkjet cartridge, like all brand-name cartridges, is a costly item. If you do much printing at all, you can go through several cartridges in a few weeks. This means an outlay of a lot of money--up to several hundred dollars--for those weeks.

Economical alternatives to this expensive routine include Epson compatible inkjet cartridges. These products are gaining in popularity, as consumers use them and realize that the quality is good, and the savings huge. Compatible cartridges are new, and have not been remanufactured.

Third Party Manufacturers

Epson printer cartridges are quality products, and are designed by Epson to work harmoniously with their printers. Cartridges made by third party manufacturers are also made to Epson specifications. These compatible cartridges vary greatly in quality, so the consumer must be aware of indicators that their good performance is equal to that of an Epson inkjet cartridge.

When looking through the products available from online ink cartridge businesses, make sure their compatible cartridges are made to the same ISO standards, or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, as the brand-name product. Examine the guarantees carefully, because these third party products should be willing to promise that their product will perform as well as the brand-name product. An easy, customer-friendly return policy is also important, because it shows the business stands behind the products it sells.

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