Epson Inkjet Ink

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Epson inkjet ink is a high-quality product, as are the brand's printers and their supplies. The printers are downright cheap, but the Epson inkjet supplies are pricey. This is also true of other famous printer manufacturers. In recent years, inkjet printers have become incredibly affordable--many under $100.

If, however, a smart consumer takes into account the expense of ink cartridges and any special paper, the total cost of operating a brand-name inkjet printer rockets. An Epson inkjet cartridge can cost two-thirds of a printer's price tag. There are ways, though, to get Epson quality in printer supplies without the exorbitant cost.

Varying Quality in Inks

Alternatives to famous brands are plentiful--inexpensive and widely available on the Internet. A potential customer must find a reliable, reputable business that guarantees its non-brand products and stands behind that guarantee with an easy return policy. Ensuring quality is paramount when shopping online for non-brand printer supplies.

Ink characteristics vary widely from company to company. Carefully examine the standards used by each company when trying to equal Epson inkjet ink. Products should be manufactured to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Look for a statement of ISO standards, preferably an ISO9001 Premium Quality certification.

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