Epson Inkjet List

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An Epson inkjet list of supplies far outprices the printer itself. Inkjet printers are not only affordable, but downright cheap. Epson inkjet supplies, however, are relatively expensive and each item must be matched to a specific model.

Matching is absolutely critical when purchasing generic, or compatible, products. The wrong inkjet printer cartridges could ruin a printer if inserted incorrectly or mishandled. The Epson C80, for instance, has compatible cartridges, but their yellow tab, which is not on an original cartridge, must be removed before the cartridge is inserted. If not, the cartridge could be damaged, or the printer could possibly be damaged.

Specialty Paper

Ordinary black text printing may only need ordinary plain paper, but even here, quality inks and paper make a difference. For draft printing, any paper will do. If a laser-quality product is necessary, though, then the formulation and quality of the ink is important.

Ink and paper largely determine the excellence of the printing in a manuscript or legal document. On an Epson inkjet list which includes generics, the consumer should examine the stated standards used to manufacture them. Reputable online companies only offer ISO-certified supplies that are manufactured to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

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