Epson Inkjet Refill

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An Epson inkjet refill process is a bit complicated. While Epson compatible inkjet cartridges work as well as the brand's product, refilling Epson inkjet cartridges is not so easy. There are kits available that facilitate the refill, but it still may take a few times to do it successfully.

The kit makes refilling convenient, but it is still advisable to practice the first few times over a sink. Recycling and reusing empty inkjet cartridges makes environmental and economic sense, but you should buy your refills from a reliable business. The quality of ink is a major focal point for consumers, because the quality varies so widely among companies that sell refill kits.

Epson Refills Not Always Successful

While Epson printers mesh perfectly well with compatible ink cartridges, an Epson inkjet refill represents special problems. Some companies do not carry refill kits for this brand because of the risk of damaging the printer. Other companies make do-it-yourself refilling sound easy. Remember Epson puts its printer head inside the printer, not inside the ink cartridge.

What this means is that any spills or errors in refilling or inserting the ink cartridge into the printer might affect the printer itself. Consumers are protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act when they use generics, or compatibles. Such use does not void the printer warranty. Famous brand-name manufacturers, such as Epson, make clear that should any damage be done to the printer by the use of non-brand products, that damage will not be covered by the warranty.

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