Epson Inkjet Supplies

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Epson inkjet supplies, like any famous brand name products, are more expensive than non-brand products. This is certainly true of printer supplies. Even though inkjet printers are frequently priced under $100, Epson printer cartridges are very expensive. If you figure the total cost of operating an inkjet printer versus a laser printer, for instance, the inkjet is about 10 times more costly per page. On the other hand, a color laser printer is very expensive.

This dramatic difference is almost entirely due to the cost of the inkjet printer cartridges, both because each one is so pricey and because so many cartridges are used in printing. No wonder that online businesses that sell discount supplies have taken an 11 percentbite out of the market of brand-name supplies. When you can buy a compatible ink cartridge for a third to a half of the price of a brand cartridge, that adds up to considerable savings in short order.

Quality Guaranteed

Online businesses provide a full range of Epson inkjet supplies, as well as those of other brands. A well-stocked computer store on the Web offers everything from labels to fax cartridges. Specialty papers are discounted, as are all brand-name products.

Above all, the quality and guarantees are most important. Product prices may be cheap, but shoddy performance undercuts any savings. Compatible cartridges, for instance, should be made to the specifications of the brand, so look for remarks on the company's website that indicate the compatibles meet ISO standards.

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