Reconditioned Toner Cartridges

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Reconditioned toner cartridges perform like new cartridges, but cut the price substantially. Also known as remanufactured cartridges, these products are available for most famous brand laser machines--printers, copiers, faxes. Using reconditioned toner cartridges for Hewlett-Packard (HP), Canon, Brother, Lexmark, NEC, and other brands lowers the operating costs of their laser machines.

Unlike inexpensive inkjet printers, lasers cost a lot more to buy, but also cost around 10 times less per page to operate. Laser toner cartridges are expensive, however, and the price doesn't hit so hard when you buy used toner cartridges. In addition to savings, remanufactured cartridges perform as well or better than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.

Environmental Protection

A bonus consequence of reusing empty copier toner cartridges, or any type of toner, is protection of the environment. With plastic products clogging landfills and affecting water and air, refurbishing empty cartridges keeps virtually non-degradable plastics out of the ground. Some famous brand companies also have programs designed to protect the environment by recycling cartridges of all kinds.

Some manufacturers that produce reconditioned cartridges simply replace the toner in them. Look for a guarantee that the product has been taken apart, cleaned, repaired if necessary, and refilled with toner. These products are like new, and meet or exceed OEM standards.

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