Administrative Dispute Resolution Act Adr

Written by Diane Sievert
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The Administrative Dispute Resolution Act ADR came about in 1996. It is a mandate that requires federal agencies to provide ADR services. This includes, but is not limited to, ADR training.

The Relevance of the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act ADR

In May of 1998, a presidential memo was issued promoting a greater use of mediation services. This memo was issued in response to the ever-growing number of lawsuits being filed and tried in court. Our country's judicial system is overwhelmed with cases, and alternative methods of mediation are used as a source of relief.

Companies making their way through the dispute resolution process should make use of the alternatives offered thanks to the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act ADR. Our dispute resolution advice is to use binding arbitration in most, if not all, of the cases you face. Doing so generally cuts down the traditional costs of going to court and will reduce the number of cases filed against you in the future.

A labor relations consultant can help you if and when a dispute arises. It is suggested, however, that you address the issue of workplace dispute resolution before your first lawsuit. Developing a company policy about such matters is a smart decision and a labor relations specialist can help you do so.

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