Affirmative Action Program

Written by Diane Sievert
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An affirmative action program is a very serious, legal matter. Companies required to have such programs can suffer serious penalties if they do not institute one. A labor relations specialist can help develop a plan to meet your company's needs.

Who Is Required To Have an Affirmative Action Program

If your company has Federal contracts (or subcontracts) of at least $50,000 and 50 or more employees, you are legally required to monitor and enforce an affirmative action program. Also bound are companies who have been issued a court order due to past problems with "unlawful discrimination." Finally, those companies that have a "conciliation agreement" with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission need to establish a program.

Labor law is complicated and you may think you are meeting the requirements of affirmative action legislation. It's best to be absolutely sure. A labor relations consultant can evaluate your program to see if it's meeting all the legal requirements.

Such a strategy is a wise investment. A lawsuit accusing management of unlawful discrimination can be both costly and damaging. Play it safe and make sure your affirmative action program is up to par.

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