Alternative Dispute Resolution

Written by Diane Sievert
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Alternative dispute resolution is a highly effective way of resolving workplace disputes. It's a widely accepted fact that at some point every management faces a lawsuit from one its employees. Make sure that when it happens to you, you are prepared.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Is a Wise Policy

Our dispute resolution advice is to use binding arbitration, regardless of the case's merit. Binding arbitration is faster than going to court and both parties must adhere to the judgment. This has proven time and again the most effective method of workplace dispute resolution.

Not only is this generally the best way to resolve any particular case, it will establish a precedent. If other employees know you handle all cases in this manner, you'll be less likely to face further frivolous lawsuits. It will also diminish the expenses you face in resolving a worthwhile suit.

Alternative dispute resolution is the policy recommended by most knowledgeable consultants. Do contact a labor relations specialist if and when a dispute occurs. You'll need representation with a sound background in labor law.

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