Anti-union Campaign

Written by Diane Sievert
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Anti-union campaigns are a necessary measure if your company is facing an NLRB "petition" but you wish to remain union free. Most often management needs a third party to formulate such a campaign. A labor relations specialist can help you navigate your way through the tricky waters that lie ahead.

Contact the Professionals for Help with an Anti-Union Campaign

There are certain strategies for dealing with petitions that only a specialist will know. Arming yourself with this information is the best way to defeat a petition. After all, winning an anti-union campaign requires extensive knowledge of labor law and experience dealing with unions.

Also take into consideration the emotional climate in your company. If a petition has been filed, emotions are likely to be running high and workers are not going to trust management. It's more effective for an outside party to educate them about all the legal ramifications of union organizing.

As earlier mentioned, we suggest practicing union avoidance early on to prevent this kind of situation. Should a petition be filed, however, you will need to organize an anti-union campaign. Call in a labor relations consultant to ensure your campaign is a successful one.

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