Dispute Resolution Process

Written by Diane Sievert
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The dispute resolution process is a complex one. It is a legal matter that requires a thorough knowledge of labor law. Consider using a labor relations consultant if your company is faced with a dispute.

Our Suggested Dispute Resolution Process

Our dispute resolution advice is fairly simple: be fair but stringent. As a precautionary measure, you should have developed a dispute resolution policy that is clearly stated in your employee handbook. Be sure to contact a labor relations specialist when developing this policy to ensure it is legally sound.

If you should be faced with a lawsuit, make sure to adhere to your aforementioned policy. Following this policy without fail will communicate to your employees that your company will not be harassed by merit less lawsuits. The sooner you establish a strict reputation in workplace dispute resolution, the better.

The final step in the dispute resolution process is binding arbitration. Here, too, a labor relations specialist will be most helpful. They can represent your company in arbitration and advise you on how to best resolve the lawsuit.

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