Dispute Resolution Services

Written by Diane Sievert
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Dispute resolution services are there to help you when a dispute arises. If it hasn't happened yet, you can pretty much assume that at some point an employee will sue your company. It's a sad fact of modern-day business practice.

Why You Will Need Dispute Resolution Services

Making sure you have on file or on call dispute resolution services is a wise precaution. How you handle any particular lawsuit has an effect far beyond that one lawsuit. It establishes your reputation for dealing with disputes in the future.

We suggest meeting with a labor relations specialist to determine what your approach to labor disputes will be. Don't wait until your first lawsuit. Do it now so you'll be ready to react accordingly when a dispute occurs.

Resolving workplace disputes is only one of many labor relation issues. It does, however, need to be dealt with. Our advice is to develop a policy prior to your first lawsuit.

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