Employee Attitude Survey

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employee attitude surveys should be taken seriously. These surveys are extremely effective tools in management's quest for union avoidance. Make a point of following through after distributing the survey to ensure employee satisfaction.

How To Use an Employee Attitude Survey

One of the common mistakes management makes is neglecting to follow through after the distribution of an employee attitude survey. Giving the employees a safe arena in which to express their concerns means nothing if their concerns are not really heard. This is not the way to establish a positive work environment.

The first step seems obvious: make sure to collect the survey. You'd be surprised to learn that sometimes management neglects this very obvious step. In neglecting to collect the survey, management communicates to the employees a lack of serious interest in their satisfaction.

If the employees suspect management is simply going through the motions, they are less likely to take the survey seriously themselves. In this situation, the survey is utterly useless as it will reveal little, if any, useful information. In order for the survey to work, management must demonstrate a sincere interest in its results.

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