Employee Education

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employee education is the best way to avoid union organizing. Intimidation and other strong-arm techniques can make the employees resent management and further their furor for union representation. Respect their position by educating them in a polite and informative manner.

Make Employee Education Part of Your Business Practice

Don't wait until a petition has been filed. Make employee education part of the training process for new employees. Consider devoting a page of your employee handbook to your anti-union policy and spelling out the specific benefits of union avoidance.

Don't stop there. Assume your employees will need some help understanding the pros and cons of union representation. Consider showing a video or making a presentation about union prevention an additional part of the training process.

It's never too late to implement such measures. Educate your current employees with a professional development seminar devoted to labor relations issues. A labor relations consultant can help you devise a seminar appropriate for your company's unique situation.

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