Employee Morale Survey

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employee morale surveys are the best way to measure employee satisfaction. Once the morale has been measured, however, the management must act accordingly. Failure to do so will render future surveys useless.

How to React to the Employee Morale Survey

So the surveys have been collected and results tabulated. What now? Management must call a meeting or find some other means of addressing the labor relations issues raised in the survey.

This is not to imply that management must comply with every request of every employee. It does mean that management must address the major concerns of their employees. Ignoring the concerns revealed by the employee morale survey is a surefire way to make employees doubt the importance of their voice.

Suppose financial or legal restraints inhibit management from granting workers some request. Management needs to explain these financial and legal restraints to the employees. Open and honest communication is excellent way to establish positive employer-employee relations.

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