Employee Performance Survey

Written by Diane Sievert
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An employee performance survey is yet another tool for gathering pertinent information. In fact, it's rather difficult to measure performance improvement or decline without a checklist or survey of some sort. Make employee evaluations methodical with a survey.

Analyze Business Production with an Employee Performance Survey

Take the personal aspect out of performance assessments by using an employee performance survey. These surveys are a practical way to measure performance and, in turn, allow you to better business production. A labor relations consultant can help you develop a survey that fits your business needs.

Consider the many benefits that come from collecting such information. You can identify areas of employee performance that need improvement and provide additional training specific to these areas. It will also help you avoid paying for professional development that isn't necessary.

Performance surveys will also aid management in its attempt to fairly reward its most productive workers. As mentioned in discussing employee motivation surveys, incentives are important for motivating employees. Keep the motivation up by rewarding those whose performance warrants it.

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