Employee Safety Program

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employee safety programs are required in many states for reason. These programs protect management and employees in the case of an accident. Even if your state does not require such a program, you might consider implementing one just to be safe.

Why Bother with Employee Safety Programs?

Programs that address employee safety can help reduce both the number of accidents on the job and the costs associate with such accidents. An IIPP would be an example of such a program. A labor relations consultant can evaluate your company to help you devise a useful program.

The first thing employee safety programs should do is revise or implement company policies that address safety in the workplace. An obvious example of this would be a company policy that requires construction workers to wear hard hats. Implementing this policy would hopefully reduce the number of on-the-job accidents.

Another thing these programs should address is workers compensation. For example, if a worker is hurt because he or she ignored a company safety policy, it can protect management from being financially responsible for the accident. As costs associated with work-related accidents are steep, it's in your best interest to implement a safety program.

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