Employee Satisfaction Survey

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employee satisfaction surveys can be extremely helpful in evaluating employer-employee relations. Management is all too often surprised to learn about employee dissatisfaction. Surveys are an effective method of gathering pertinent information about employee labor relations.

An Employee Satisfaction Survey Gets Real Answers

As mentioned before, management is quite often surprised to learn about a lack of employee satisfaction. It's commonplace for management too realize their employees are seriously unhappy only once employees make a point of organizing. Surveys can help you avoid this unfortunate situation.

Don't assume that your staff is happy just because they're smiling when management walks into the room. Asking employees directly about their feelings is also a poor way to evaluate their satisfaction. Employees interested in keeping their jobs aren't likely to complain to the management unless they feel they have the backing of other employees.

Distributing an employee satisfaction survey is hands down the best way to assess employee feelings. Use a survey that addresses specifics about the work environment. Giving your employees a safe arena to express their concerns and criticisms is the first step in achieving a workplace harmony.

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