Employment Reference Checking

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employment reference checking should be an absolute must in your company's hiring process. Checking references is the best way to determine the value of a potential employee. It's also the best way to avoid troublesome workers.

Some Options for Employment Reference Checking

Some companies neglect this simple but necessary task because it can be rather time-consuming. It doesn't take a terrible amount of skill, but sometimes contacting references is harder than it should be. That doesn't mean that reference checking should fall by the wayside.

If the task is too time-consuming for management, consider hiring an outside party to carry out the process for you. It's a wise investment when you consider what a waste it is to hire a new worker and train them only to find out he is incompetent in some way. Or even worse, you could discover he has a litigious history.

Make sure your new employees are a wise investment. You wouldn't invest in a stock without knowledge of its background. Apply the same principle to your business and make employment reference checking part of your hiring process.

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