Written by Diane Sievert
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An IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) is required in some states. If you need to implement such a program, consider contacting a labor relations specialist. He can ensure your IIPP meets all the legal requirements of your state's labor laws.

An IIPP Is a Safety Measure

Safety in the workplace is a valid concern for both employees and management. Most employees don't want to be hurt on the job, and management usually doesn't want to loose valuable employees to illness or injury. Outlining the areas of possible concern is the best way to avoid a mishap.

A labor relations consultant can evaluate your company's operations, identify areas of possible concern, and develop a plan for addressing these areas. It is then up to the employer to both publish this plan and educate the employees. Without the proper education and training, employees might not fully comprehend how important compliance with the program truly is.

Remember that there are legal guidelines for developing such a program. A specialist can help make sure your company's program is legally sound. Avoid an unfortunate situation and double-check the legality of your Injury and Illness Prevention Program as soon as possible.

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