Industrial Relations

Written by Diane Sievert
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Industrial relations should be a major concern of responsible management. Ignoring important labor relations issues can have drastic effects. Protect your company from union petitions and employee lawsuits by taking the time to address these issues.

Poor Industrial Relations Can Mean Major Headaches for Management

Trying to effectively operate a company with union interference is a difficult task. Union representatives will question your every move and bargain for say in every decision. Keep your shop union free be practicing preventative strategies.

Employee lawsuits are another unfortunate aspect of modern day business practice. Here too you can take steps to protect your company. Outlining the dispute resolution policy in your employee handbook can reduce the number of lawsuits you might otherwise face.

Management interested in protecting itself must own up to the need for a positive work environment. However, good industrial relations don't just magically happen. It takes hard work to handle labor relations issues properly.

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