Labor Relations Consulting

Written by Diane Sievert
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Labor relations consulting is a wise investment. If you want to keep your business running smoothly, consider talking to a labor relations specialist. These professionals can identify areas of concern or help you with more immediate problems.

Labor Relations Consulting Can Help Prevent Unions

We stress, again and again, the importance of establishing a positive work environment. A labor relations consultant can help you evaluate employee morale with surveys and address employee concerns. Such preventative measures can help management avoid the prospect of an RC petition.

If you're already facing a petition, labor relations consulting is still a smart move. You'll need some advice on how to organize an effective anti-union campaign. You'll also need to learn the rules and regulations associated with NLRB sponsored elections.

Try Labor Relations Consulting

Workplace dispute resolution is a complicated a process. For sound advice, contact a labor relations specialist. He will evaluate the situation and instruct you on how to proceed.

In addition to dealing with current disputes, a specialist can help you design company policies that will reduce the number of future disputes. For instance, a specialist might suggest binding arbitration in all resolving all workplace disputes. He can even help word the company policy in appropriate terms so it can be part of your employee handbook.

Labor Relations Consulting and State-Required Programs

Some states require businesses to implement and maintain affirmative action programs and employee safety programs. To make sure your company is meeting state requirements, talk to a labor relations consultant. They can evaluate your current program or help implement a new one.

These kinds of labor relations issues need constant attention. Neglecting any one of the above mentioned issues can result in the most dire of circumstances. Remember that labor relations consulting can help you protect your rights as an employer.

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